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Yili Group Service Project

Domestic and international container shipping, public railway logistics, sea-rail combined transport, airport logistics, port customs declaration, warehousing and distribution, tripartite logistics, transportation carrier management, logistics design, line cost accounting, information resource integration, round-trip two-way DOR-DOR service.

Into Yili

Into Yili
Guangzhou Yili Logistics Group Co., Ltd.  Capital Holdings, a business project led by the logistics and shipping industry.

It was established with the approval of the five departments of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Registered capital: 30 million, was founded in 2003, and its headquarters is located in the world-famous Huangpu District of Guangzhou......

Service Description
Into Yili

Customized domestic and international logistics

Visual data management allows you to master the direction of the goods without leaving your home. It is intended to let you experience more professional international freight forwarding and import customs clearance agency services.

Yili Group Partner

At present, the company has long cooperated with well-known domestic enterprises.

Yili Group Viewpoint

Information on international freight forwarding and import customs brokerage services, with an updated international freight perspective to let you know about international trade and freight forwarding related news.

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